Akai MPC Tutorials, Tips & Tricks

MPC tutorials for all Akai MPC owners, giving you the Akai MPC tutorials, tips and tricks you need to quickly become a more creative MPC beat maker. Most of the tutorials here are adapted from my award winning MPC tutorial books available to download instantly from my MPC book store.

MPC Software Tutorial: Creating MPC Expansion Packs

By MPC-Tutor, | 11

Learn how to create and use your own MPC Software Expansion packs using MPC Software 1.9’s built in ‘Expansion Builder’ application – includes details on creating program previews, demo sequences and sample ‘grouping’.

MPC Touch Tutorial: Creating The Clap From Hell!

By MPC-Tutor,

In this MPC Touch tutorial we’ll learn how to create a grimy layered clap using a range of sound design techniques, all entirely within PROGRAM EDIT mode in the MPC Software touch interface.

MPC4000 Jog Wheel Encoder Replacement

By MPC-Tutor, | 6

If your MPC4000 jog wheel no longer functions correctly, it’s probably time to get the encoder replaced. This step-by-step tutorial describes exactly how to perform the task – warning, soldering skills required!