MPC Bass Multisamples - Virtual Bass Guitar For the Akai MPC

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MPC Bass Multisamples

Free MPC bass multisamples for MPC1000/2500/500/5000/Renaissance/4000/2000/XL – works perfectly in both Akai OS and JJOS. This one is a thumb bass, sampled at 3 notes per octave for a good balance between realism and memory efficiency. The MPC5000 format includes a full MPC5000 keygroup program (50k), JJOS 2/XL version includes a JJ INST program, and all other MPCs use the standard DRUM program (with pad MIDI notes reassigned into correct chromatic order). Many of the multisamples use the ‘fudge loop’ method I created back in 2001 for legacy MPCs such as the MPC2000XL, which removes the horrible click these machines add when playing non-looped samples as NOTE ON files (this is not required for newer MPCs).


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  1. BBeats

    Aug 3, 2013 5:54 pm

    Hey there,
    when trying to load the .pgm into my 2k classic it gives me a “file is damaged” error…any way to fix this?
    Tried redownloading the pack and several zip-discs…same thing every time.


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