The Pro Studio Kit

The Pro Studio Kit

A high end studio drum kit fully multisampled for all MPCs & NI Maschine.
$29.99 USD


The Pro Studio Kit’ is our latest fully multisampled drum kit for MPCs and Maschine, bringing the premier sound of one of the world’s most sought after drum kits, the Sonor Designer Kit, directly to your MPC pads!

Sonor are the leading drum manufacturer of custom handmade drum kits and the Sonor Designer Kit is their flagship model, a hugely versatile kit with a deep and powerful tone used in many high-end recording studios across the globe.

We’ve painstakingly multisampled 16 different articulations from this kit over their entire velocity range recorded with a whopping 11 different mics to ensure we’ve captured all its natural tone, timbre and nuances. The complete articulations list comprises of:

  • Kick drum isolated – this was recorded without the snare present and all other instruments dampened to ensure only the kick can be heard
  • Kick Drum with Snare – this kick was recorded with the rest of the kit, this tends to give a more natural ‘kit’ kick sound.
  • Snare – a snare drum hit in the centre of the head
  • Snare Side Stick - a hit on the snare rim using the fat end of the stick while resting the thin end on the head
  • Snare Rim Shot - a simultaneous hit of the snare head and rim
  • Snare ‘drag’ – a short snare roll
  • Snare flam – a very quick double snare hit
  • Snare Edge – a hit on the very edge of the snare head
  • Closed Hat Bow – a closed hat hit at the centre
  • Closed Hat Edge – a closed hat hit on the very edge of the cymbal
  • Open Hat – the same hi hat hit while 3/4 open
  • Crash Cymbal Edge – hit on the edge of the cymbal
  • Ride Cymbal Bow – a ride hit at the centre of the cymbal
  • Ride Cymbal Bell – a hit to the bell of the cymbal
  • High Tom – centre hit on a high rack tom
  • Low Tom – centre hit on a low rack tom

The kit has a full-bodied, warm tone with plenty of natural character, making it a great all rounder for any style of music - without question, this is THE most versatile and realistic sounding acoustic drum kit you can get for the MPC and Maschine. Check out the the kit being put through its paces with a number of different breaks:

As with all the kits in this series, we’ve created finger drumming friendly programs for all MPC models and NI Maschine that map the instruments across the pads utilising the available velocity switching features of each individual sampler model, as well as 'Round Robins' (sample cycling) where available:

  • MPC Software & MPC5000: a 4 zone velocity switch program and a 4 zone round robin program (24 bit WAV)
  • MPC1000/500/2500/Free JJOS: a 4 zone velocity switching program (16 bit WAV)
  • JJOS: 3 zone velocity switching for all other JJOS models, with round robins for JJOSXL and JJOS2 (16 bit WAV)
  • MPC4000 – 4 zone velocity switching (24 bit WAV)
  • MPC2000/XL/3000 – 3 zone velocity switching, plus a basic single zone low memory version (16 bit SND)
  • NI Maschine – 18 zone velocity switching (24 bit)

Just load up the program file for your sampler and start playing, we’ve done all the hard work for you so there's no additional set up required. Find out more about the kits, along with some tweaking and performance advice in the included User Guide.

The Pro Studio Kit is the perfect ‘go-to’ kit when you need to create realistic studio quality drums tracks, be it real time finger drumming or step programming, and is the perfect companion to the 60s Funk Kit and Raw 70s Kit – completely unique MPC drum kits from that push the limits of what is capable with an MPC, no matter which model you own.

Technical Specifications

  • Samples: 192 Samples - 64 kicks, 64 snares, 64 hats
  • Format: Contains WAV and MPC SND versions of all sounds and PGM files that auto-assign the sounds across the pads.
  • Compatibility: All MPC models, all versions of JJOS, NI Maschine and any software sampler and DAW.  
  • Publisher/Sound Design: MPC-Samples & Pad Pimps
  • Delivery: Download instantly after purchase.
  • Price: $29.99


"YEah Kit is Dope Tutor.... I've got good feedback from some live shows i've done with it.
Sounds nice raw and funky on a big p.a.!!"
Lord of Dazastah (Producer), Twitter Soundcloud

"Loving this series of kits. This one no exception. I can easily get authentic sounding detail using them as is or modify them to fit what I'm working on. Nice to be using natural drum sounds again. Looking forward to / hoping for more like this in the future"
*Pilchard*, (MPC-Forums Member)

"The MPC Pro Studio Kit is excellent!!!!!!!!. if you are a drum programmer you need to get this kit!!!!!!!!"
Carl Chestang Facebook


What is a multisampled drum kit?
Rather than use just one sample for each instrument in a kit, a multisampled drum kit contains multiple recordings of each instrument, all hit with a range of velocities. The sounds are then assigned to MPC drum programs to create a very realistic sounding finger drumming kit that can be used for live performing or for sequencing in your MPC or DAW.
Have you applied compression, effects and EQ to this kit?

Absolutely not! There's millions of over-compressed and over-EQ'd kits out there already, but there's not many that focus on capturing the natural and authentic sound of a vintage drum kit. The only compression you'll find here is the natural compression created by recording to analogue tape.

By not applying additional processing, we've kept this kit as versatile as possible, leaving you to add compression, EQ and effects to suit the song you are working on.

So how do I use this kit?

In the MPC, just select a PGM file compatible with your MPC model, load it up into your MPC, assign to a sequencer track and start playing, just like any other MPC program. In Maschine, double click the MGRP file from the Maschine browser or add it to your User Library (full instructions are included).

We've already configured everything for you, but you can tweak the program parameters and layout to your own unique taste.

So do I need a lot of free memory to run this kit in an MPC?

It's definitely best used on MPCs with at least 32MB of memory available, especially if you want to use the full velocity switched kit. However, we have included a low memory kit (under 6MB), but this only uses a single sample per pad.

Which samplers is this kit for?

The kit programs we provide will work in every single MPC model, including all versions of JJOS, and we've also included Maschine Groups that work in Maschine version 1.8 and 2.x.

Additionally, as the sounds themselves are provided in standard WAV format (16 bit and 24 bit) you can load up the sounds into any modern software or hardware sampler and DAW.

Do the tutorials cover the Touchscreen interface (Touch UI)?

Yes, extensively. The book was written primarily around the idea of using the MPC Touch as a 'virtual' standalone MPC, focussing mainly on performing all tasks directly from the MPC Touch itself.