How to Transfer Tutorial Files to Your MPC

Every book sold on is accompanied by a set of files that can be used to recreate every single project inside the book. To do this you’ll first need to transfer these files to your MPC disk, a process which varies depending on your MPC model.

All MPC Models

Firstly in your computer download the ebook zip file from the download link provided to you after purchase. To extract the files from the zip archive, simply double click it (or right click and select ‘Extract to’).

The resulting folder contains your ebook and will contain a folder called ‘Tutorial Files’ – it is this folder that needs to be transferred to your MPC disk.

MPC Software (MPC Renaissance & MPC Studio)

As the MPC Software is installed on your computer, simply copy the tutorial files folder to the location where you would normally store all your MPC kits and projects. Often this is the default ‘MPC’ folder in ‘Documents > MPC’.

One transferred, simply use the MPC File Browser to navigate to your Tutorial Files folder.


Place a CF (memory) Card in your MPC – alternatively if you have an internal hard drive installed, you can skip the memory card.

Connect your MPC to your computer via USB.

Go to LOAD > USB (or DISK > USB in the MPC5000) and your MPC should connect to your computer automatically – if it doesn’t, press MOUNT.

In your computer you should now see your MPC appear as a removable drive in Finder (Mac) or My Computer (PC). Simply drag and drop the ‘Tutorial Files’ folder to this removable drive.


Transfer the Tutorial Files folder to a USB 2.0 pen drive – this drive and now be inserted in the USB port at the front of your MPC4000.


Connect a USB drive into your computer that matches the type of drive in your MPC. For example if you have a zip drive in your MPC, connect a USB zip drive to your computer.

MPC3000/60 users will probably need additional software to help mount the drive in the computer, such as the original version of MPC Editor. MPC2000/XL users should be able to just insert a standard MPC disk in the drive and the computer should read it.

Now drag and drop your ‘Tutorial Files’ folder over to your USB disk.