How To View MPC-Tutor's Books on Computers, Tablets and Mobile Devices

Step 1. Download the book file

Go to your computer/laptop and download the book using the link we provided to you after purchase; as each book comes with hundreds of tutorial files we've packaged everything into a standard zip file (.zip) for the efficient delivery.

Step 2. Extract the files

Once downloaded to your computer you'll need to extract the book and tutorial files from the zip archive. For many computers you'll normally just have to double click the zip file and it will extract the contents to a folder in the download location, although depending on your browser settings you might find that the zip file has already been extracted automatically (this is the default setting for Safari). Alternatively you can usually right click the zip file and select 'extract files'.

Step 3. Locate the book

Enter the extracted folder and you'll see something similar to the following:

In the above example, the PDF book file is 'MPC Sampling Laid Bare - 7th Edition.pdf'. In addition to the PDF version of the book, some of my books also have EPUB and MOBI versions which are optimised specifically for ebook reader applications (thus allowing you to change fonts, font sizing, add notes as you read, etc). These are also shown in the above screenshot.

Step 4 - Reading the book on a computer or laptop

On most computers you can immediately read the PDF by double clicking the PDF file as it should open in your computer's default PDF reader application. In a Mac this is the 'Preview' app, in a PC it will probably be the free Adobe Reader.

Step 5. Reading Your Book With a Tablet or Mobile Device

If you want to read my MPC tutorial books 'on the go', you can easily sync them to your favourite mobile device, such as an iPad, Android tablet, smartphone or dedicated eReader.

iOS Devices

In your computer/laptop, simply drag the book file into iTunes or the dedicated iBooks app (only available on newer Mac operating systems). Now sync your iPhone/iPad with your computer as you would with music files or photos and your book should appear in iBooks on your device. If it doesn't, check your sync settings to ensure the book is being included in the sync. If your MPC book comes with an EPUB version, choose this for the sync, otherwise choose the PDF.

Android Devices

If you use the Google Play Books app, on your computer go to and hit the 'Upload Files' button - now drag the book (PDF or EPUB version) into the upload box and the book will be added to your Google Play account. It will now be available on your Android device via the Google Play app (you can also read it on your computer if using the Chrome browser).

If you use a different ebook app on your Android device, just follow the developer's instructions on adding books to their app.

Ebook Readers

Typically you would connect your eReader via USB to your computer where it will appear as a removable drive. Now you can simply copy/paste the ebook file to your device, however some ebook readers can be synced via wifi, so check with your device manual for more details. If your MPC book comes with EPUB and MOBI versions, choose MOBI for Kindles and EPUB for all other devices.