Legacy MPC Sounds - Samples & Kits for Classic MPCs

Free legacy MPC sounds, kits and programs for previous generation MPC samplers such as the Akai MPC1000, MPC2500, MPC500, MPC5000, MPC4000 and MPC2000XL. All sounds and programs fully compatible with Akai OS and JJOS.

Just download, unzip and transfer to your Akai MPC – if you need help transferring your sounds and kits to your specific MPC model, check out my MPC File Transfer guide.

Akai MPC Drum Breaks

MPC Drum Breaks

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Free and completely original drum breaks in WAV format, compatible with most MPCs – pressed to vinyl, resampled and perfectly looped.

Pete Rock Drum Kit

Pete Rock MPC Drum Kit

By MPC-Tutor, | 2

A free Pete Rock inspired MPC drum kit, featuring kicks hats, snares and claps that have the classic Pete Rock vibe, but with a modern MPC-Samples.com twist. All the drum sounds are laid out into MPC programs for easy finger drumming and are compatible with all MPCs.