MPC2500 Sounds & Samples

MPC2500 sounds and samples that can be loaded up into any MPC2500 running either Akai OS or any JJOS. The MPC2500 reads all legacy MPC sounds, sequences and programs and effectively has a very similar operating system to the MPC1000. For more free MPC2500 sounds, sign up to my newsletter and you’ll instantly get a download link to MPC2500 format sounds and a free ebook on how to set up your home studio.

Live, Vintage-Style Drum Breaks

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A collection of free live drum breaks, authentically recorded by UK drummer Timmy Rickard using authentic vintage recording techniques for a fat, warm classic sound.

J Dilla MPC Drum Kit

J Dilla-Style MPC Drum Kit

By MPC-Tutor, | 2

This free Dilla-style MPC Drum Kit contains MPC drum sounds inspired by drum style of the legendary hip hop producer, J Dilla. Kicks, snares, claps, hats and percussion, all laid out into MPC program kits for easy finger drumming and compatible with all MPCs.

MPC Bass Multisamples

MPC Bass Multisamples

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Free MPC bass multisamples for most MPCs with at least 3 notes per octave for great realism but low memory usage.

Layered MPC Drum Kit

Layered MPC Drum Kit

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A collection of MPC2500 sounds and samples designed for easy and perfect drum layering using nothing but the 'pad layer' functions found inside a standard MPC2500 program.Compatible with both Akai OS and JJOS.
Akai MPC Drum Breaks

MPC Drum Breaks

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Free and completely original drum breaks in WAV format, compatible with most MPCs – pressed to vinyl, resampled and perfectly looped.

Pete Rock Drum Kit

Pete Rock MPC Drum Kit

By MPC-Tutor,

A free Pete Rock inspired MPC drum kit, featuring kicks hats, snares and claps that have the classic Pete Rock vibe, but with a modern twist. All the drum sounds are laid out into MPC programs for easy finger drumming and are compatible with all MPCs.