Beat Making on the MPC1000

By Andy Avgousti (MPC-Tutor) 281 pgsFree Preview
Master the MPC1000, with dozens of hands-on beat making projects - suitable for Akai OS and the free JJOS.


‘Beat Making on the MPC1000’ is the award winning MPC tutorial book that comprehensively teaches you the art of sample-based beat making using the classic Akai MPC1000.

Inside you’ll find 281 pages of in-depth and practical MPC1000 tutorials that guide you step-by-step from beginner essentials right up to advanced beat making projects that will transform you into an MPC1000 master in no time!

  • Discover the secrets to making fat & grimy drums using nothing but your MPC1000
  • Master the MPC1000 sequencer to create powerful beats with groove, swing and human feel
  • Flip your samples just like the pros and maximise the sound design capabilities of your MPC
  • Create your own MPC drum kits and produce authentic breakbeats that sound just like a real drummer
  • Transform your MPC1000 into a virtual bass guitar or grand piano and create your own instrument loops and riffs
  • Develop your own unique sound, style and workflow
  • Build complete beats & songs and learn the art of song arrangement

There’s 49 hands-on MPC1000 tutorials in total, each written in an easy-to-follow step-by-step style with crystal clear LCD screenshots showing all parameters and settings and all the MPC files and samples you need to recreate all the tutorials perfectly in your MPC1000!

(Beatmaking on the MPC) is a guide that shows you how to be creative with something rather than just how the buttons work. It’s thoughtfully structured and written in concise yet authoritative language - it covers an awful lot of ground, so there’s plenty here for users of all levels, from beginners to experts. If you don’t own this, you’re probably not getting the most out of your MPC! Excerpt From MusicTech Magazine Review, Issue 64 (Choice Award Winner, 8/10)

Beat Making on the MPC1000’ is fully compatible with both the official Akai OS and the third party ‘free’ JJOS, and is written by Andy Avgousti (MPC-Tutor), a leading expert on all MPCs who has written and published 11 books for the MPC series and is founder of the 50,000 strong MPC community,

No more head scratching, no more frustration – quickly discover how you can use your MPC 1000 to make the beats you’ve always wanted. Whoever you are and whatever your production background, you will find this book inspiring, challenging and ultimately enlightening. This is by far and away the most comprehensive MPC teaching resource ever made - available to download  instantly after purchase.

Technical Specifications

  • Contents: 281 page PDF Ebook for Akai OS (2.0 or greater), 282 page ebook for free JJ OS 3.12 or greater, 634 example MPC1000 samples & files
  • Format: PDF, WAV files, and MPC1000 samples & files
  • Compatibility: MPC1000, official Akai OS 2.0 or greater, and free JJ OS 3.12 or greater
  • Author: Andy Avgousti ('MPC-Tutor')
  • Delivery: Download instantly after purchase.
  • Price: $29.99


Inside you'll find 49 MPC 1000 tutorials (281 pages) covering a massive range of subject matter, plus we also include an additional version of the book which is fully compatible with the unofficial 'JJ' OS (free version, 3.16). There's also over 600 MPC sounds and files to help you recreate all the tutorials.

Below is a complete listing of all tutorials inside the book:

Section A - MPC 1000 Fundamental Skills

  • 001 Audio Connections
  • 002 Understanding MIDI
  • 003 Memory & Storage
  • 004 Loading Part 1
  • 005 Loading Part 2
  • 006 Saving
  • 007 Naming Samples
  • 008 Sampling Sounds
  • 009 Understanding Mono & Stereo
  • 010 Editing Samples Part 1
  • 011 Editing Samples Part 2
  • 012 Looping Samples
  • 013 Programs
  • 014 The Internal Mixer
  • 015 Recording Sequences
  • 016 Editing Sequences Part 1
  • 017 Editing Sequences Part 2

Section B – Manipulating Drums & Break Beats

  • 018 Filtering & Tuning Samples
  • 019 Chopping Samples Part 1
  • 020 Chopping Samples Part 2
  • 021 Chopping Part 3 – Patched Phrase
  • 022 Chopping Part 4 – Stutter Chopping
  • 023 Layering Drum Sounds
  • 024 Rebuilding Decay Tails on Snares

Section C – Building Drum Kits & Breaks

  • 025 Emulating Timbre Changes
  • 026 Building Drum Kits - Pure Kits
  • 027 Building Performance & GM Kits
  • 028 Creating Realistic Drum Performances
  • 029 Basics of Laying Down a Drum Beat Part 1
  • 030 Laying Down a Drum Beat Part 2

Section D – Advanced Techniques

  • 031 Fitting an Instrument Loop to a Beat
  • 032 Understanding Effects
  • 033 Effects & Settings
  • 034 Sequencing Tricks Part 1
  • 035 Sequencing Tricks Part 2
  • 036 Multisampling Part 1
  • 037 Multisampling Part 2
  • 038 Looping Instrument Samples
  • 039 16 Levels
  • 040 Using Blue Box
  • 041 LFO, Slider & External Sound Manipulation

Section E – Building Songs

  • 042 Building Songs From Sequences
  • 043 Song Arrangement Ideas
  • 044 Recording Your Beats
  • 045 Compression Part 1
  • 046 Compression Part 2

Section F – MPC 1000 Studio Environments

  • 047 Looping Multisamples in Audio Editors
  • 048 Using Recycle with your MPC 1000 Part 1
  • 049 Using Recycle with your MPC 1000 Part 2


MusicTech Magazine Review (excerpt) "(Beatmaking on the MPC) is a guide that shows you how to be creative with something rather than just how the buttons work. It’s thoughtfully structured and written in concise yet authoritative language - it covers an awful lot of ground, so there’s plenty here for users of all levels, from beginners to experts. If you don’t own this, you’re probably not getting the most out of your MPC!"
Excerpt From MusicTech Magazine Review, Issue 64 (Choice Award Winner, 8/10)

"It's a hyper in-depth manual. There are little things in there that opened my eyes/brain up to bits of FUNCTIONALITY that would have taken me a while to stumble upon. The book ain't holding your hand, telling you how to make your music. It's a manual that blows open some of the doors that may have stayed closed for a while, in one's own exploration." 
Rubix Groove Soundcloud

"These tutorials are FANTASTIC - so amazingly detailed. They help you make sense of the MPC in no time."
Matt Bean, Senior Article Editor, Rodale Publishing

"Thank you for the Beatmaking on the MPC 1000 tutorial. I bought it last week and it's been really helpful. It's answered many of the questions I've had and it's really nice having the sounds to demonstrate the techniques."
Rob Fitzgerald, USA

"I considered myself to be pretty knowledgeable with the machine, but even in the beginner sections I found time saving tips I did not know you could do before. All in all, I think there is something in here for everyone. 

"The tutorial is a new learning experience and it's fun, it helps to sharpen the already known skills and attitude in working this machine. I must certainly say that MPC-Tutor has put in blood ,sweat ,and tears into this book! Great job, Tutor!"

"I've had my MPC 1000 for about a month now, and can knock out a nice sampled beat pretty easy...but theres so much i dont know, stuff that i want to do, that i was doing before and it was frustrating. So i got that (ebook) and started going thru it and its ****** brilliant!  This book is a happy customer - I'd reccomend it 100%. Apart from the mpc itself thats the best buy i've made."

"I think the (Beat Making on the MPC) book is the best thing available for learning the mpc and i am a big fan of it. I know that writing a book like this is a mammoth task – I  appreciate all the work you have put into it."
Mark Mclean, UK

"It’s quite simply marvelous. The user manual is odd to say the least… your ebook is EXACTLY what I need… I keep discovering wonderful things I can do…following the tutorials (not always in order though!). Thanks so much for such a useful, essential tool. Worth every penny."
Jonathan Duffy, USA

"Copped it - a great piece of work, well worth the money. Much props Tutor, clearly a deal of hard work went in to this."
Earwolf, UK 

"Yesterday I was as excited as hell get my MPC. And Yes! I got it. Set it up. Looked at it...looked at it. Now what do I do?
I figured I could sit here and try and work it out with the manual. Or pay to get instant tuition, so that is what I did. I purchased your ebook yesterday and within 3-4 Hours I was making music. I don’t have a musical background really other than using a bit of software here and there, so your book worked a treat. Thanks very Much. I recommend it to anyone.”

D. Benson , Taranaki , New Zealand

"Really, a nice tutorial, a lot of work have been made ! Easy to read, especially for people like me, who doesn’t use English as their primary language.  Concepts are well explained. A must have for newbies like myself."
T Chilom, France

"It's a great ebook! GO BUY IT!!!"
Phil S,

"i purchased it (Beatmaking on the MPC1000) last week and i gotta say i'm extremely impressed by it. Everything from the layout, the examples, to the way it was written is simply excellent. "
reefersutherland, MPC-Forums community member


Why should I buy this book?

Quite simply, this is the most comprehensive teaching resource ever created for the MPC! Not only does it explain all features and functionality in clear and easy-to-follow terms, it follows that with in-depth, practical beat making examples that show you how to actually make music with your MPC.

Nothing is left to chance, nothing is assumed and everything is presented clearly and logically with all the files you need to recreate all the tutorials in your MPC as you read. This is a complete MPC masterclass and the only MPC tutorial resource you'll ever need.

What Is An Ebook?

An ebook is an electronic book that you can read on your computer (or on a PDA, mobile phone, ebook reader, etc). Our ebooks also include folders of example files that allow you to recreate the tutorials as you read them. Our ebooks can be downloaded instantly after purchase and can be opened using any free PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader software (most PCs already have this installed), or the built in 'Preview' PDF reader found in all Macs, iPhones and iPads.

Is this book only for beginners?

No, absolutely not! The first portions of the book are aimed at beginners (although experienced users still comment on how helpful these parts are) - but after these sections, the tutorials get more involved and teach you much more advanced tricks & techniques.

How do I use this ebook with my MPC?

First, open up the ebook in your computer - it reads just like any standard book. Inside are dozens of tutorials, and each tutorial comes with example files, so as you progress through a particular tutorial, load up the tutorial sounds in your MPC and recreate the tutorial step-by-step - you'll soon master your MPC in no time! 

Is this ebook available in paper format?

No, this ebook is only available in digital format, which can be read on all computers and most portable media devices, such as smart phones, tablets, laptops and ebook readers. If you need a paper copy, you can of course print the book directly from your computer, or for our larger books, through stores such as Staples and Kinkos.

Can I make backup copies of my ebook?

Yes, once downloaded it's just like any other computer file and can be copied to a back up disk.