Decksaver MPC Touch Cover Review

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Decksaver are a British based company who specialise in creating a unique range of protective covers for a huge range of pro audio equipment, including turntables, keyboards, mixers, grooveboxes and MIDI controllers. These covers are precision designed for a perfect fit and formed with the latest super-tough polycarbonate technology, so not only serve as quality dust covers but also provide more hardcore protection from life’s little (and big) mishaps.

In this review I’m going to take a look at Decksaver’s MPC Touch cover. Currently this is the only MPC they make a cover for, but it’s without doubt the MPC that will benefit the most from a tough ‘shell’ like this; not only does the MPC Touch sport a rather fragile looking glass touchscreen, it’s also an unbelievable dust magnet.

The Descksaver MPC Touch cover is made using smoked polycarbonate:

Decksaver MPC touch Cover Bare

The plastic used is fairly thick – it feels sturdy but retains a small amount of flex. It’s approximately 30mm high, and features a very subtle ‘Decksaver’ logo formed in the centre (it’s difficult to pick this up in the photos, but you can just about see it in the image above). It’s very light, weighing in at only 315g.


As you can see below, the Decksaver has no sharp or defined edges; I guess one of the criteria in the design of a cover like this is to ensure it looks as inconspicuous as possible, and with everything nicely curved and no harsh edges I believe the Decksaver achieves this quite well.


In use, the cover simply ‘does everything it says on the tin’. It fits on top of the MPC Touch perfectly, with a millimetre or so breathing room all round, so it’s easy to take off when you need to use your Touch, but forms a suitable enough ‘seal’ to keep all the dust out.

MPC Touch Decksaver Cover

It goes without saying that all buttons and dials are covered perfectly there’s plenty of breathing space around the dials. So how tough is it? Well I mentioned before that it has some flex and this is a good thing as it should absorb the impact of the majority of everyday objects that you might accidentally drop on it. This is not made of ‘brittle’ plastic, so I doubt it’s going to crack at the first sign of trouble. Don’t take my word for it, check out the guy jumping up and down on it in this review.


Another potential use for the Decksaver is to allow you to temporarily ‘stack’ other gear on top of your MPC Touch. I’d love to know what kind of static weight this cover can withstand, but taking a rather extreme example, it easily takes the weight of my MPC2000XL:


Of course I wouldn’t advise actually stacking anything so heavy on top of your beloved MPC Touch (the Touch would probably break before the Decksaver did…), but hopefully it’s becoming clear just how tough these things are. The design of the case also means that you still have full access to all ports, dials and buttons at the back of the MPC Touch:


And you can of course leave your MPC Touch turned on should you wish to continue enjoying the light show from the pads!


The Decksaver MPC Touch Cover: Conclusion

I definitely recommend the Decksaver cover to all MPC Touch owners – it’s tough, lightweight and isn’t an eyesore in use – what more could you want? Well I guess we’d like to see more MPCs supported, although I fully appreciate that Decksaver are unlikely to support discontinued MPC models, but an MPC Studio version could prove to be popular.

The Decksaver MPC Touch cover is available directly from the Decksaver web site for £40 GBP (worldwide shipping available) as well as a number of online distributors dotted around the globe.

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