Out Now - Underground Crates Vol 2 (Hip Hop Construction Kit Expansion)

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The Underground Crates Vol 2 is the latest release in our series of boom bap and instrumental hip hop inspired expansions, featuring a creative blend of dusty drum kits, vinyl cuts, hip hop grooves and analog instruments.

Inside is a collection of original instrumental hip hop compositions built from a series of construction kits and MIDI sequences, all jam-packed with crunchy drums, thumping basses and vintage-style melodic one shots.

We’ve also included a library of additional multisampled analog instruments including bass, pads, strings, leads and keys, with pre-mapped Q-LINK macros for real-time control of FX and lofi grit.

The Underground Crates Vol 2 is fully compatible with all modern standalone MPCs, Akai Force, MPC Beats and MPC Software. There’s even a legacy MPC version for MPC1000/2500/500/5000 & JJOS.

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