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The MPC Renaissance is the flagship controller for the next generation MPC – the MPC Software. As well as the free MPC Renaissance and MPC Studio tutorials on this page, I’ve also written two entire books dedicated to MPC Studio & MPC Renaissance Tutorials; ‘The MPC Renaissance & MPC Studio Bible‘ (for MPC Software 2.x) and ‘MPC Renaissance & MPC Studio: Sampling Laid Bare‘ (for MPC Software 1.9) with hundreds of pages of hands-on tutorials covering everything you need to know about making beats on the MPC Renaissance & MPC Studio.

Quick Tip: Re-Mapping MIDI Notes on MPC Drum Kits

By MPC-Tutor, | 8

Are your MPC Drum kits scattered randomly across the keys of your external MIDI controller? Check out this MPC tutorial for an easy fix! Suitable for MPC X, MPC Live, MPC Key, MPC One & MPC Software/MPC Beats