MPC Touch Tutorials

MPC Touch Tutorials, tips and tricks. The MPC Touch is Akai’s first touch screen MPC, offering an innovative way to control the MPC Software. If you’re looking for help with your MPC Touch, check out my updated MPC Touch tutorial book, ‘The MPC Touch Bible-MPC Software 2.0 Edition‘.

MPC Bible Tutorial: Clone Plugins & Synths with Autosampler

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In this MPC X & MPC Live tutorial I’m going to take a look at the new Autosampler feature of MPC Firmware 2.3 which allows you to ‘clone’ your favourite VST/AU instrument patches so they can be used as standard ‘keygroup’ programs in standalone mode. 

Just Released: The MPC Touch Bible

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The MPC Touch Bible is the complete and definitive guide to the Akai MPC Touch, featuring 588 pages of step-by-step tutorials to transform you into an MPC Touch master!