Dirty Drummer 2 - Fat Finger Drumming Kits For All MPCs

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The wait is finally over! The ‘Dirty Drummer 2  is here and this time there’s double the fatness with two complete multisampled drum kits dripping with crunchy, greasy vibes all set up with intuitive finger drumming in mind and  painstakingly optimised for each and every MPC model ever made! 

The default kit set up for all samplers is for ‘velocity switching’ where each pad plays back one of up to four dynamic levels depending on how hard the pad is hit. For more recent MPCs (MPC Software, MPC Essentials, MPC5000 and JJOSXL) there’s also ‘cycle kit’ versions that play back a different sample timbres each time the pad is hit (‘round robins’) for ultra-realistic playback even with FULL LEVEL turned on.

There’s optimised versions for every MPC model, including a 12 pad version for the MPC500, memory-optimised programs for the MPC2000/XL/3000/60,  an ‘MPC Expansion Pack’ for MPC Software users, and even dedicated versions for Native Instrument’s Maschine and Battery 4.

Thumping organic drum sounds, unparalleled compatibility and a second-to-none MPC finger drumming experience; we don’t know of any other drum kits on the planet that have been made with such attention to detail – pure and utter MPC love!

Get more info on the ultimate MPC finger drumming kits!

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