Drum Machine Evolution - Analog Drums Re-Sampled & Re-Imagined

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I’m excited to announce the release of a new drum collection that I worked on with my good friend Canedrive (who created the fabulous SP-Neptune samplepack).

Drum Machine Evolution is a samplepack that focuses heavily on providing fresh perspectives to the analog drum sounds of classic drum machines, and is organised into two distinct sections. The first part was created by Canedrive and features two beautiful kits that have each been separately resampled through five different analogue sources; the ASR 10, Emu SP12, Akai S950, analog tape and vinyl.

One of the included kits is (of course) the seminal 808 drum kit and, quite frankly, it sounds flipping amazing – my personal favourite ‘resampled’ versions are the SP12 and analogue tape, but all the versions bring something unique to the table, so there’s definitely something there for everyone. Here’s a demo that runs through each version of the 808 drum kit using the same 4 bar beat – the running order is; clean, SP-12, S950, Tape, Vinyl, ASR 10:

The second part of the collection is the ‘hybrid’ drum library, which consists of 144 analog drums resampled through an Akai S900 and then layered with a variety of acoustic drums and analog tones and textures.

Head over to MPC-Samples.com for more information including some free hybrid drums and more audio demos of the ‘resampled’ kits.

Product URL: https://www.mpc-samples.com/product.php/225/drum-machine-evolution/

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