Free Expansion For the MPC Live, MPC X & MPC Software

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This free mpc expansion is the mini ‘demo’ expansion used in some of the tutorials in my complete MPC beat making course, ‘MPC X & MPC Live Bible‘. It contains:

  • three full kits containing drums, bass and one shot sounds each
  • 3 sequences made using the kits
  • three ‘chopped break’ kits
  • one piano keygroup program

I’ve included two separate versions of the Expansion; an ‘XPN’ installer for the MPC Software (perfect for MPC Studio, MPC Touch & MPC Renaissance), and a ‘standalone’ version which you can just drag and drop to your MPC X/Live disk. Program previews, file grouping and Expansion Browser image thumbnail included, along with ‘Media Browser’ taggjng of all programs and sounds. Full installation instructions are included as a PDF in the free mpc expansion pack download. Enjoy!


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