Free Expansion For the MPC Live, MPC X & MPC Software

By MPC-Tutor | Last modified: Jun 28, 2023 | 4 Comments

This free mpc expansion is the mini ‘demo’ expansion used in some of the tutorials in my complete MPC beat making course, ‘The MPC Bible‘. It contains:

  • three full kits containing drums, bass and one shot sounds each
  • 3 sequences made using the kits
  • three ‘chopped break’ kits
  • one piano keygroup program

I’ve included two separate versions of the Expansion; an ‘XPN’ installer for the MPC Software and a ‘standalone’ version which you can just drag and drop to your standalone MPC or Force disk. Program previews, file grouping and Expansion Browser image thumbnail included, along with ‘Media Browser’ taggjng of all programs and sounds.¬†Enjoy!


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  1. TrafficJammer

    Dec 1, 2020 4:15 pm

    Just a warning to Akai Force users…
    I know there was no claim that this expansion would work on the Force, but a lot of older expansions do, so I thought I would try. Well everything loaded just fine, but then I realized launch mode was broke in every other project I tried. So I deleted the expansion, then reset the menu preferences and held the power button while rebooting to clear the cache. I “think” that fixed the problem. Time will tell. It’s a shame too cause it really is a nice demo. I especially liked the grand piano. And I’m sure it works just fine on what it was designed for. Oh well, just a warning to any other curious idiots out there like me.

    • MPC-Tutor

      Dec 4, 2020 1:54 pm

      The expansion works installs fine on the Force and the kits load without problem. The MPCs and Force use the exact same kit and instrument format (.xpm), loading a standard .XPM file that’s been created in an MPC is not going to break anything on your Force, these files are designed to be loaded in both machines. The only part of the expansion that will not work in the Force are the sequences as the Force does not support .SQX format. Your issues with Launch mode are most likely an existing bug in the firmware or potentially a hardware issue (have you tried using a different SD card or USB drive?). Are you running the latest firmware, 3.0.6?

  2. MusicalGenius

    Jul 6, 2021 3:50 am

    I wish AKAI would change the accent color in the MPC Software/FW to something other than RED. That is a really horrible choice for an accent color. Our eyes are pretty sensitive to it. I could never stare at something like that. Talk about migraine city.


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