Introducing THE SOURCE - MPC Expansion With Over 300 Instruments

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Pad Pimps are proud to present The Source, the largest MPC instrument expansion ever created with over 300 leads, pads, bass, keys, organs, plucks and strings for MPCs, suitable for all styles of electronic music including trap, lofi, hip hop and house.

All instruments are built using a combination of analog synth multisampling and subtractive synthesis for an unparalleled collection of rich, complex & evolving instruments, all optimised for super-fast loading & minimal CPU.

Inside you’ll find the following instrument categories:

  • 67 Keys instruments
  • 59 Basses & Subs
  • 52 Lead sounds
  • 58 Pad, String & Brass instruments
  • 33 Synth & Voice patches
  • 31 Plucked & Guitar Instruments
  • 29 Melodic Percussion instruments

The Source is compatible with any MPC running MPC 2.4 or greater including the MPC X, MPC Live, MPC Live II, MPC One, Akai Force, MPC Software 2.4+ and the new MPC Beats App.

Find Out More About The Source.

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