Live Multitrack Drum Breaks - Old School Funk Style

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This free break pack is taken from the latest MPC-Samples release,Tombongo Funk Sessionswhich features 87 live, old school funk drum breaks performed by UK drummer Richard Preston, authentically recorded at Gizzard Studios (London) using vintage drums and microphones directly onto 2 inch tape.

In this free break download you’ll find the fully mixed break (looped stereo wav, appended ‘main’) and an additional four files that contain the original recordings from the individual kick, snare and left/right overhead mics (stems). This way you can effortlessly change and control the exact mix of the final break – for example, bring the kick drum higher in the mix, or perhaps apply different EQ to the snare, or compress the hats slightly more aggressively. You are fully in control.  Alternatively, use these breaks for go old fashioned chopping…

The breaks will work in any MPC that can read WAV Files, and are of course fully compatible with any DAW  – simply drag and drop the stems directly onto audio tracks. 100% original & royalty free.

You can buy the entire pack from

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