'The Modern Session Kit' - Acoustic Drum Kit Expansion For MPC & Akai Force

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Out Now! The Modern Session Kit is the latest release in our popular series of acoustic drum kit expansions, featuring a multisampled 2010 Gatton ‘Corian’ drum kit, with ready-to-play ‘snapshot’ kits  and an extensive multi-genre MIDI groove library so you can easily create realistic acoustic drum performances in MPC and Akai Force.

There’s 48 unique drum articulations included, with multiple snares, cymbals, four toms and a huge 24″ kick drum, all recorded with up to 12 velocity layers and matched with over 230 MIDI grooves and fills covering styles such as hip hop, vintage soul, indie, rock, pop, trap, drum & bass, chill hop, alt rock and metal. 

The Modern Session Kit is compatible with any modern MPC including the MPC X, MPC X SE, MPC Live, MPC Live II, MPC KeyMPC One / One+Akai Force, MPC Software and the MPC Beats App. Legacy versions of the kits are also provided for MPC1000/2500/500/5000.

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