Out Now: 'MPC Bible' 2.5 Update For MPC X, MPC Live & MPC Touch

By MPC-Tutor | Last modified: Apr 22, 2019 | 1 Comment

MPC-Tutor’s complete touchscreen MPC tutorial guides, ‘The MPC X & MPC Live Bible‘ and ‘The MPC Touch Bible 2‘ have now been updated to ensure full compatibility with the latest MPC 2.5 update from Akai!

For the MPC X & MPC Live Bible, this was mostly a maintenance release from the previous 2.4 update, with updates to Q-LINK and Preferences screenshots and addition of a section to cover the new browser audition options.

For the MPC Touch Bible 2, there have been extensive changes from the previous MPC Software 2.05 version. This now contains an additional 200 pages of content and covers features such as Mutherducker, new Air FX, Autosampler, Xfade, new FX gui, new plugin instruments and much more.

These updates are completely FREE update for all existing owners of the books!

Existing Owners: Download the updated book editions directly from your customer account.

Thinking about buying? If you own an MPC X, MPC Live or MPC Touch and haven’t checked out the MPC Bible yet, head over to MPC-Samples for more info on the most up-to-date and complete guides to the MPC available today!

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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MPC-Tutor (Andy Avgousti) is a beat maker, musician, sound designer and a leading expert on the Akai MPC sampler, who since 2002 has been creating critically acclaimed MPC tutorial books including the groundbreaking 'Beat Making on the MPC' and MPC Bible series. He runs the MPC-Tutor.com network of sites, which includes MPC-Samples.com and the thriving MPC community at MPC-Forums.com, regularly helping tens of thousands of MPC users every month with MPC technical support and guidance.


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  1. Yan Bersans

    Apr 25, 2019 12:33 pm

    Good job here ! Will there also be updates for the Studio and Ren edition of the Bible for 2.5 or are the changes not “significant” enough ?


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