‘MPC X & MPC Live Bible’ 5th Edition Update

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I’ve just released the 5th edition of the ‘MPC X & MPC Live Bible’ for compatibility with the latest MPC Firmware 2.2.1, containing over 600 pages of MPC X & MPC Live tutorials and over 100 pages of new content including:

  • New tutorials covering humanisation, random events generation & pitch quantise
  • Advanced VST Plugin cloning (with new 4-velocity and 3 semitone templates plus memory optimisation techniques)
  • ‘Pseudo-stereo’ multisampling trick
  • A guide to building standalone expansions
  • Updated audio and grid editing techniques

Plus many more tweaks and improvements to existing tutorials. Download the full chapter listing from the product page.

This update is FREE to all existing owners of the book – just log into your MPC-Samples.com account or use the link in the original purchase email.

Get more information on the MPC X & MPC Live Bible!

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