Out Now: Sonkal MPC Bass Expansion - Over 200 Synth Bass Instruments for MPCs

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Sonkal is the new ground breaking MPC synth bass expansion from Pad Pimps that combines synthesis and multisampling to produce an unbelievable 220 sub-heavy bass presets, making this the most comprehensive bass expansion ever created for the MPC!

In a first for an MPC expansion, we’ve made extensive use of the MPC’s own subtractive synthesis capabilities with patches built from layered single-cycle oscillators warped, sculpted and modulated through the MPCs filters, envelopes, LFO and FX, creating gut wrenching, evolving bass sounds that have a tiny memory footprint.

Sonkal is fully compatible with MPC XMPC Live & MPC One running in both standalone and controller mode, the Akai Force, MPC Renaissance, MPC Studio and MPC Touch running  MPC Software 2.x or MPC Software 1.9.  Head over to the product page where you can download previews of all 200+ patches, as well as grab a demo version containing a selection of instruments from the full edition.

Download Sonkal Now!

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