Out Now: 'The MPC X & MPC Live Bible' Firmware 2.3 Update

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Out Now: ‘MPC X & MPC Live Bible‘ Update for MPC Firmware 2.3!

MPC-Tutor is proud to announce the release of the 6th edition of the MPC X & MPC Live Bible, now with an incredible 741 pages of hands-on MPC X & MPC Live tutorials and with over 100 pages of new content covering new features such as:

  • Autosampler
  • Standalone synths
  • The Arpeggiator
  • Split Events
  • The new FX GUI
  • Crossfading sustain loops

Plus countless tweaks and improvements to existing tutorials.

This is a completely FREE update for all existing owners of the book!

Existing Owners: Download the updated book edition (v1.4.0) directly from your customer account or from your original order email.

Thinking about buying? If you own an MPC X or MPC Live and haven’t checked out the MPC Bible yet, head over to the product page where you can read all the customer reviews and download a free tutorial from the book!

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