The 60s Funk Kit - A Fully Multisampled Vintage Drum Kit For MPCs

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I’m very proud to announce the release ofThe 60s Funk Kit, a fully multisampled drum kit recorded to analogue tape that perfectly captures the unique sound and vibe of the great funk records from the 60’s and early 70’s.

Inspired by the kits used by legendary drummers such as Clyde Stubblefield, Jabo Starks and Zigaboo Modeliste and built around a 1960s Gretsch Round Badge kick drum and a Ludwig Black Beauty snare, it’s full of the warmth and character you’d expect to hear from classic vintage drum recordings.  All the drums in the demo below were sequenced using nothing but this kit loaded into an MPC1000:

Every instrument in the kit has been recorded over three unique velocities and features four ‘takes’ per velocity. There’s a total of 180 unique sounds and 15 unique articulations including kick (damped), snare (damped), rim shot, snare drag (a short snare roll), hi hat (closed, open and edge), ride (including bell), crash, hi and low toms, claps, tambourine and shaker. We’ve also included a number of ready-made MPC programs carefully tweaked for all MPC models (including JJOS) that load up intuitively laid out finger-drumming kits utilising features such as velocity switching and ‘round robins’ to help you create very realistic sounding drum performances in your MPC sequencer. 

We’ve recorded this kit very traditionally to capture the natural sound of a 60s drum session, and as such all samples are presented completely raw with absolutely no added effects, no additional EQ and no dynamic processing. Simply great instruments recorded with quality vintage studio gear and laid down directly to 2 inch analogue tape for that unique warmth, tone and colour provided by tape saturation.

The 60s Funk Kit’ is an exclusive and can be downloaded instantly after purchase. For more information including audio demos and a 17 page user guide, go to

Equipment List:

  • Round badge Gretsch Kick Drum & Toms (20×14, 14×14, 12×8)
  • Ludwig Black Beauty snare
  • 14″ 5-star Super Zyn Hi Hats
  • 18″ Zildjian K Custom Medium Dark Crash
  • 22″ zildjian K Constantinople Medium Thin Low Ride
  • Studer A80 2 ” Sixteen Track Tape Machine
  • Alice Stancoil 1970’s AM Series Quadrophonic Mixer
  • Various microphones: Coles 4038, Calrec 600, Sure 545, Calrec CM 100, AKG 414
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