MPC-MS20 Synth Expansion - Fat Analog Instruments For All Modern MPCs

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MPC MS20 is our tribute to the classic analog synth, the Korg MS20, featuring a rich collection of fat multisampled instruments for all modern standalone MPCs, the Akai Force and the MPC Software.

We’ve multisampled our favourite custom-built patches using thousands of seamlessly sustain-looped samples and transformed them into expressive, velocity-sensitive polyphonic instruments using the MPCs own filters, FX, envelopes and LFO.

Inside you’ll find over 100 squelchy basses, thumping subs, chilled keys and biting organs, strong, powerful leads & plucks and lush, evolving pads and strings, all fully compatible with pad perform and the arpeggiator making them perfect for creating your own melodic leads, riffs and chord progressions.

MPC-MS20 is compatible with any MPC running MPC 2.4 or greater including the MPC X, MPC Live, MPC Live II, MPC OneAkai Force, MPC Software 2.4+ and the MPC Beats App. 

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