'The Reaper' - A Free Double Bass Expansion For MPCs!

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A FREE gift for the MPC community from MPC-Samples.com!

The Reaper’ is a fully multisampled acoustic upright bass (double bass) mapped to MPC instrument programs which can be used to create gritty, realistic sounding double bass performances in your MPC – perfect for filthy jazz-inspired hip hop bass lines.

The instrument supports all modern MPCs (MPC X/Live/Studio/Ren/Touch) and most legacy MPCs (MPC100/5000/2500/500/4000). And as an added bonus, the MPC Expansion also features 10 ‘break and bass’ themes, with matching bass lines, drum break & MIDI patterns!

Best of all, for a limited time The Reaper is a completely FREE download! Enjoy!

Download ‘The Reaper’ From MPC-Samples.com!


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