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Latest MPC Tutorials & Articles

JJOS101 - The JJOS Beginners Guide

JJOS 101 – The Complete Beginner’s Guide To JJ OS

By MPC-Tutor,

If you own an MPC1000 or MPC2500, you may have heard talk about the ‘JJOS’, but due to the way JJOS is kept quite ‘underground’ with no¬†marketing from the developer himself, many people remain confused…


MPC4000 Jog Wheel Encoder Replacement

By MPC-Tutor, 3 Comments

If your MPC4000 jog wheel no longer functions correctly, it’s probably time to get the encoder replaced. This step-by-step tutorial describes exactly how to perform the task – warning, soldering skills required!

The 60s Funk Kit - a Fully Multisampled Vintage Drum Kit for MPCs

The 60s Funk Kit – A Fully Multisampled Vintage Drum Kit For MPCs

By MPC-Tutor,

I’ve just released a fully multisampled drum kit recorded to analogue tape that comes with ready-made MPC finger drumming programs. It’s rare to find any multisampled kit recorded to tape, and it’s even rarer for it to be made specifically for MPCs – find out more!