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J Dilla MPC Drum Kit

J Dilla-Style MPC Drum Kit

By MPC-Tutor, | 2

This free Dilla-style MPC Drum Kit contains MPC drum sounds inspired by drum style of the legendary hip hop producer, J Dilla. Kicks, snares, claps, hats and percussion, all laid out into MPC program kits for easy finger drumming and compatible with all MPCs.

MPC Related Web Sites

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Various MPC web sites including fan sites, free resources and some MPC focussed businesses.

Pete Rock Drum Kit

Pete Rock MPC Drum Kit

By MPC-Tutor, | 2

A free Pete Rock inspired MPC drum kit, featuring kicks hats, snares and claps that have the classic Pete Rock vibe, but with a modern MPC-Samples.com twist. All the drum sounds are laid out into MPC programs for easy finger drumming and are compatible with all MPCs.

Akai MPC Manuals

By MPC-Tutor, | 25

Download the latest technical manual for your model of Akai MPC sampler, including quick start guides where available.