MPC500 Tutorials, Sounds & Resources

The MPC500 is the portable, battery powered baby of the MPC line and the only MPC with just 12 pads. But it’s still a powerful beast and more than capable of making banging MPC beats! Here’s all the posts, tutorials, sounds and articles on this site that will be of interest to an MPC500 owner.

Live, Vintage-Style Drum Breaks

By MPC-Tutor,

A collection of free live drum breaks, authentically recorded by UK drummer Timmy Rickard using authentic vintage recording techniques for a fat, warm classic sound.

J Dilla MPC Drum Kit

J Dilla-Style MPC Drum Kit

By MPC-Tutor, | 2

This free Dilla-style MPC Drum Kit contains MPC drum sounds inspired by drum style of the legendary hip hop producer, J Dilla. Kicks, snares, claps, hats and percussion, all laid out into MPC program kits for easy finger drumming and compatible with all MPCs.