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Below are various MPC web sites including fan sites, free resources and some MPC focussed businesses.

MPC Information

Akai Professional – Makers of the MPC series.

JJ OS – Third party OS developer for MPC1000 and 2500

MPC Hunter – site that indexes MPC related videos, auctions and tutorials.

Midicase – resources for MPC2000/XL/3000/60 users

JJ Manual – Stan Steez site for his JJ OS1 manual, with faqs and info. The site is now dead, but I’ve linked to the Internet Archive version.

Stereoroid MPC1000 Site – FAQs and tutorials for the MPC1000 (from Internet Archive)

MPC Hardware & Samples

MPC Samples – Pro sounds, tutorial books and videos for Akai MPC users.

MPC Stuff – MPC parts and upgrades.

Hip Hop Tools – MPCs and other hardware.

Renato Rizoli – MPC parts in the EU

Forat – MPC customisation

Roger Linn Design – Father of the MPC, support and downloads for 60/3000

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