Out Now: The MPC Renaissance & MPC Studio Bible (2.x Edition)

By MPC-Tutor | Last modified: Jul 11, 2018 | 2 Comments

Just Released! The ‘MPC Renaissance & MPC Studio Bible is the complete guide to using the MPC Renaissance & MPC Studio with MPC Software 2.1, packed with practical, ‘hands-on’ beat making projects that teach you everything from core beginner’s concepts all the way up to advanced power-user techniques!

  • Build your own multitrack sequences using classic MPC swing, note repeat, 16 levels and audio tracks
  • Learn how to layer drums and create your own unique sounds with the built in effects, filters and LFOs
  • Create melodic leads and rhythms from your own multisampled ‘keygroup’ instruments
  • Construct your own dynamic drum kits using round robins (‘cycle kits’)
  • Create unique beats with the MPC’s classic chopping functions
  • Mix down entire songs with vocals, scratching and effects automation
  • Utilise warping, sequenced chops and patched phrase loops
  • Make your own standalone MPC ‘synth’
  • Create your own MPC Expansion packs

Plus many, many more pro tips, tricks and shortcuts! The ‘MPC Renaissance & MPC Studio Bible’ is the completely essential resource for all MPC Renaissance and MPC Studio owners running MPC Software 2.x – available to download instantly after purchase!

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  1. Rayshaun McIntosh

    May 10, 2018 3:16 pm

    I was hesitant to buy the new MPC X and MPC live because I have the Renaissance and studio black. I really never knew how to perfect the equipment I had so why buy new equipment. I tried the Maschine and FL Studio to help me create, but it was always something about the MPC that made things simple to me. I told myself I am going to find something that will help me perfect my equipment and I found this website. I bought the book literally two days ago and I have already finished it, all 473 pages and I am more proficient with the MPC than I ever was!! No need to buy new equipment when what you have works perfectly fine. You are a life saver and thank you for making this book that even a child can understand. Everything was well thought out and explained. I will buy the X and live in the future, but when I do, if I do not understand it, I am going to buy another book from you. Thank you again for taking the time to make this book. Better than any YouTube video.

    MBM Engineering


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